Eye Irritation/watery


feeling irritation in my eyes, its watery too, tried icing and heating both. no medical history, no medicine taken

Dr. Ali Tayyab - Eye Specialist

MBBS, FCPS | Islamabad

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All signs point to an infection of eye lashes or oil glands in the lid
called blehparitis. It is a benign condition but one that is very difficult
to get rid of and requires long term management. Further benefits of
therapy are not immediate, and usually require several weeks to bear fruit.
Treatment extends to months to years depending on severity of disease. If
your vision is not affected you may try

1. Lid hygiene: In the morning and before you go to sleep, wash your hands
with soap and water and dry them. Wet your lashes and take a drop of BABY
shampoo (NOT ADULT shampoo) and scrub into your lashes with eyes closed.
After about 20 seconds wash both eyes

2. During the day take a soft towel and warm with luke warm water or medium
iron and massage your eye lids with eyes closed. Apply gentle pressure
ensuring that the towel is not too hot. Do this for about 10-15 times a day

3. Purchase a good eye lubricant. These are over the counter medication.
Expensive ones work much much better.

Dr. Rizwan Ahmad Ch - Eye Specialist


Nothing serious Get yourself examined by some eye specialist 

Dr. Amer Al Bermawy - Dentist

BDS, RDS | Karachi

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