theower eye lid is swell like a bruise its infantike humanguama my child is about 6 months old i have consulted many doctors they are saying it can not be cured there is a only way we will inject and burn the veins i guess kondly auggest me something i am totally lost


Hemangioma is an abnormality of blood vessels. Burning the abnormal vessels is the best option. Proceed. In sha Allah it'll be ok


If haemangioma is a capillary haemangioma and is on lower eyelid then it won't be causing any problem like Ptosis. Most of capillary haemangioma reduce in size with age so you can wait and get check up by ophthalmologist every month. If it's very large in size and causing some problem in eye closure only then steroid injection inside lesion should be considered



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It can be treated with intralesional sclerosing agent. no need to worry