Keratoconus Eye Disease


how to treat keratoconus eye disease & which are best foods?


Waseem Iqbal

Treatment of keratoconus depends upon the severity of the disease.


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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Keratokonus is a disease of cornea due to collagens fibers weak
arrangements in cornea ...we treat it according to stages
If mild with soft lenses
If moderate with hard lenses and CXL proceedures
And if severe then transplant or intacs first have to examine where u
fall so accordingly may treat
Second it mostly happens after chronic ocular allaergies as well
Diet ma protein diet is important to take


Salman Khan

How it progresses .? I have done CXL for my right eye but still the disease is progressing speedingly in the eye which is CXL treated while the other is far better and progress is negligible.. should i retreat my eyes from the same hospital/ dr.? Or i should go for Dr wajid wali khan now.?

1 year ago

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