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i'm suffering from dry eye problem with slight vision Los of .5 and .75 and a bit higher eye pressure..usually eyes get tiered at night with redness sometime blur vision at end of the day. computer usage more then 12 hours.(can't minimize it). family history of glaucoma, Diabetes.(my father lost his complete vision due to diabetes) i want to know what test should i take right now and on periodic bases plus how to balance eye pressure what are the precautionary measure.

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r u diabetic ? if not ..keep any eye on your exercise routine and eating habits so you dont get diabeties and all will stay fine inshALLAH..
you said your IOP stays high ? didnt tell exactly how high ?? did you get it checked ?
6 monthly - annual eye checkup along with IOP monitoring is recommended in your case.
remember your eye glasses number or your work routine has no effect on the general health or IOP


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WAS doc. Currently Alhumduliah, i'm not daibetic. although I'm overweight (BMI 29) controlling it,my 3 month average was suger level fasting was around 84 and random 107. but rarely it feels dizziness as if my glucose level is low. my IOP was checked by doc it was 16|16 mmhg after 10 days it was 22.5|19 with CCT 580|583. i forgot to mention light reflects too much when eyes are tired.what test should i take with me this time going for check up. is topography sufficient ? what should be included in diet for eye health.

2 years ago


If you have a strong family history of Glaucoma and your IOP of 19 is a bit high as your CCT is also on higher side giving low reading of IOP than actually it is so get your Visual fields tested 30-2 along with OCT preferably with ganglion cell analysis as at present monitoring of Glaucoma is more imp for you. These two base line investigations are must for Glaucoma and don't worry about diabetic eye damage as long as your blood sugar is with in normal limits


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thank you ....:)

2 years ago

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