Redness In Eye With Pain

My mother gets redness in one of her eye after every few days along with the pain on same side of face. I consulted with her eye doctor and she was of the opinion that it is nothing serious. Pain gets so serious that my mother feels like throwing up and it is difficult for her to move her body. History and reports attached


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Looking at the reports her visual field visual defects going in favour of glaucoma. Is she hypertensive? Hey her blood pressure checked as it can result in Temporal pain. Get her intraocular pressure checked


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Your history is compatible with glaucoma but i need to examine further to reach a final diagnosis. Get her eye pressures checked frequently.


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i feel gutted on assessment of the dr in colleagues above mentioned this seems very likely glaucoma which is is a serious eye condition and if not treated promptly and appropriately can lead to a permanent visual loss.It is a worrying situation.i will advise you to get your mum checked over by the ophthalmic surgeon on as soon as possible basis.
Dr Kashif I jaz Ahmad
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Dear Dr. Huma, Dr. Usman and Dr. Kashif

I got my mother's ocular tonometry done today and the pressure was 12mm in both eyes. So the pressure is within normal range. Is it possible for a patient to develop glaucoma when the pressure is normal?
should we conduct other tests like Gonioscopy, visual field test and optic nerve assessment to diagnose?
I have been observing the other symptoms and although she is having red eye, intense pain and nausea but her vision seems fine and she isnt seeing rings around lights.

so what should i do now?

Dr. Syed Abdullah Mazhar
Dr. Syed Abdullah Mazhar - Eye Surgeon

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a.a there are so many causes of red eyes.acute glaucoma us only one of should get her eyes checked to rule out other causes of red eye as well

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She needs eye examination from Ophthalmolgist again.