I have a lazy eye, and i have decided to make it a healthy one by Strabismus surgery, so my question can you suggest me a good doctor in Lahore, I was thinking about CMH, and can you plzzz tell me the estimate cost for this surgery ?


You can have surgery of squint and get your eyes align but if you have amblyopia (lazy eye) vision can't be improved


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your Eye can be straight after surgery then treatment of lazy Eye Will star.
it May take long time to improve.
you can visit me for evaluation and planning for surgery .
you can contact me 042-32591427,
Prof.Arshad Mahmood


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Asalam o alaikum
Let it be very clear that the lazy eye cannot become active by strabismus
surgery. Although you can achieve cosmetic straightening of your eye by
strabismus surgery.
The average cost is around Rs 50-60 thousand which varies greatly among


It will remain lazy after surgery. Surgery does not restore last vision in this case. Cost is variable. Under 1 lac mostly. Cmh is not bad. You can consider that.


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Assalamo Alaikum.

Well, you might be surprised but the treatment of a lazy eye is usually not
surgery especially in the beginning... It starts with trying to stimulate
the eye to start working at its optimum ability. This requires patience and
perseverance on your side but the good news is that it is usually treatable
and the results are usually very astonishing especially if you are
determined to making the treatment work. I can explain to you further and
diagnose the exact cause of your weakness and laziness if you visit me for
an examination...

Best of luck and with kind

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