Fracture In Tibia And Fibula Bone


i have a compound fracture in my right leg bones fibula & tibia. 6 weeks ago. i had a surgery doctors installed plates with tibia bone and left the fibula as it is so it will heal it self.. but after six weeks its still unhealed but the fibula is not in its correct position and i can feel the movement of bone inside .. medicine i am using are Calfor-D & bone-lift 0.5 mg . my doctor says it will take 12 weeks to heal .but how it can heal if its not in its right position . i just want to know how much time it will take to heal thanks .


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We need to see the X-ray and then can advise.

M A Wajid


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Fibula takes less than 10% of your body weight. Mostly it is left as such unless it is fractured near ankle. At 6 weeks it's not usually advised to start full weight bearing. You should start ankle and knee exercises and partial weight bearing.It usually takes 3 months or more in healing of lower limb fracture however remodelling may continue for an year or so. Radiographs will clarify the situation.


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Dont worry about fibula that is small bone and non_weight bearing. It ll take atleast 12 week for tibia to heal


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Pl send x days


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Fibula can be left without any consequence usually unless near the lower
end. Cannot comment further without xrays.


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Plz send me X-ray

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