Pain In Back Side Just Behind Heart


aslam o alykum. I am feeling pain in my left uper back, just feel like behind my heart. during prayer when I went in sajida, I feel heavy in my left shoulder and back. pain also move to shoulder join and also in elbow and back side of arm on body movement. I have no accedent. no shugar. I also did my x-ray which asked by ortho surgen.he did not any thing. he gave mi osam d complex. musle relaxant. but it does not feel right because I still have on going pain. I need advice and whome I should now consult?


Visit physiotherapist.


Your age?


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28years old.

2 years ago


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I also Feel pain on Heavy Breath, When I inhale a long breath I feel Pain in left shoulder and in down side of left shoulder in back side. I have C Spine X-Array Image. I can send IF It helps to understand. I don't know what to do, Some time Pain worse and I cant bear it. I also think of Angina pain but I do not feel it in chest or in jaws.

2 years ago


Plz visit Dr sajid sial rabbani hospital between 8 to 10 pm..042-32591427,



call me 042-32591427,


dear i would recommend to go for MRI Cervical Spine and then consult either
physiotherapist or pain specialist


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