Hip Joint Dislocation

I was injured in a road accident. Dislocation of right side Hip and right leg broken from 5 places down the knee. My operations done in a famous hospital in Lahore 5 months ago. Now I can stand and little walk with the help of sticks. Now My doctor says the Hip joint will take 2 years for joining. He also said if joint not join in 2 years then after 2 year we will replace it. I want to get opinion someone else orthopedic surgeon. Please help me what my doctor said is it right?

Dr. Yasir Arfat

There is condition that is called avascular necrosis of head of femur bone in hip joint. It usually happens in hip dislocation but it may take about 2 years to appear itself. But examination is required

Dr. Sohail Muzammil

You need to see a competent orthopaedic surgeon. Nobody will be able to
comment without assessing you along with your Xrays/CT scans.


Shafique Hijazi

Want to see the X-Ray

Dr. Faheem Ahmed

Send new X ray of hipĀ 

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