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Marham for Doctors

Marham has started its journey to become the world's leading health and wellness education platform. People from all over the world trust us to find information about doctors, services and surgeries. On the other hand, doctors are looking for a lighthouse to guide patients towards their practices so they can facilitate them. We have made a win-win situation for both entities to keep this system sustainable.

How it Works?

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Attract patients from our 1 million+ monthly visitors.

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Connect with patients 24/7 via your website or ours.

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Care for patients while saving on time and costs.

Join Pakistan's 12,000 doctors in this new Era!

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Doctors who are with us!

Prof. Dr. Javed Akram

Medical Specialist

Dr. Maissam Abbas

ENT Surgeon

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Our Services

Professional Website

Attract patients on the go. With three-quarters of smartphone users turning to Google when booking a doctor, being visible is the difference between being found and being forgotten.

12 Hours Call Center

Increase overall practice efficiency and improve the depth of relationships with your patients by delivering a complete end-to-end experience.

Practice Management

Discover the technology that delivers care beyond the consult. Easily connect with your patients and nurture long-term relationships by offering the care and convenience they crave.

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