Ear Pain While Travelling By Air


I experience a lot of pain in my right ear whenever I travel by air. This is usually the case when the airplane is descending. I think I have some hearing loss in this ear as well. And this ear also produces a lot more ear wax as compared to the left ear. Is there a remedy for this problem?


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First during air travel u can do chew chewing gum n repeated swallow of saliva that will help eustachian tube to remain open while descend. Never try to sleep during takeoff n descend.
Secondly for hearing loss u need evaluation as cant say anything without examination of ears n history.


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Is pain during air travel an indicator of damage to the ear or is it a normal thing to experience?

2 years ago


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Thank you for the response

2 years ago

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this occur frequently but these techniques help to get rod off. this occur becaise of closire of tube connecting nose n ears.

2 years ago


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Ascend n decend causes pressure changes.. So, to equalize these changes u must swallow repeatedly with nose pinched or eat/drink something or chew gums. But u need to consult a doctor for hearing loss and he may prescribe drugs for a week or so.


Yes there is remedy. Visit ENT Specialist. Get drips for ear wax. Check hearing level by PTA Tympanometry test. Use bubble gum while descending in air.


U might have raisha behind the ear drum so kindly get it checked by a nearby doctor

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