Fish Bone In Throat


AOA, i have accidentally swallowed a fish bone, and now it's probably stuck in my throat or I am having sensation. I have tried many home remedies like eating bread, a spoon of lemon juice and luke warm salty water but all in vain. The pain is relatively less than last night's but there is something still pinching, and I am feeling a little fever. Any help please? And any ENT doctors near Sanda, Egerton Road, Kalma chowk? I can't find any on this forum. Thanks in advance.


At this stage you should be consider visiting an ENT or any physician even outside your locality. If there is a fish bone, its a very basic procedure of spraying a local numbing medicine and pick this article without pain. Most of the physicians can do this. Think about widening your options in this case.


ommair ali

plz use lemon juice ,what will this do is it will soften the bone ,after that eat something like piece of Roti it will bring it down

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