Mouth Dryness And Throat Pain


I have currently been diagnosed with Gerd and IBS-D. I take one capsule pantroprazole 40mg in the morning and librax twice a day. The issue is that I get dryness in my mouth after having a slightly long conversation, when exercising or any other activity where I go without water for a little while. I feel that the saliva in my mouth is insufficient. Also simultaneously with this dryness I feel pain in my throat. I have had to use hard candies and chewing gums to get some relief. One doctor diagnosed it as sinusitis considering I had post nasal drip and a fissured tongue. Inhaling xynosine for 10 days did not give relief though. He also gave me anti allergies for a while also. Another doctor linked it with Gerd and my frequent throat pharyngitis. He prescribed me ulsanic and folic acid for a month. In short nothing has given me effective relief. I would like a doctor on this forum to give me some suggestion regarding this.


Moazzam Ali

Can u breath normally from nose? According to history u have written it seems like u r breathing from mouth than nose due to DNS and/or allergic rhinitis. Mouth breathing can cause dryness and breathlesness. If u r in lahore ill recommend u to visit me once for detail examination and treatment plan accordingly.
Thank you

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