Ambiguous Genitalia


My son is born few days back with this condition ambiguous genitalia. He is male and confirmed via ultra sound but his penis is small and he passes his urine from little downside between the penis and testicles area. Please let me know if its treatable thing.


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Dr. Danish Aftab can you please help


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I am eager to know this answer please. His Ultrasound results are fine and it shows he has all the male parts from the inside and he do have both normal testicles. We are now waiting for the progesterone test result. The answer I wanna know is solution or if you could tell that it is treatable.

2 years ago


Ambiguous genitalia can be decided after genital examination
As u say that testicles are there and passes urine from midway b/w testicles and penis, from this it seems to be hypospadias.
After 17OH progesterone result, consult with pediatric surgeon

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