Baby Doesnt Lift Head


My baby is 3 month old now. I had read that now he should be able to lift his head. But my baby doesnt like tummy time. And when i try to turn him on his tummy he just keep his head down ( and cry sometime) doesnt do any effort to lift his head. When we carry him on our shoulders (for burping) he tries to lift his head and gets successful sometimes. But when he is on his tummy he do no effort. Also he doesnt hold toy. But holds fingers Plz tell of it is normal? Wht else I can do?


Syed Ali Shazif Baqari

Please do not panic. He will start holding his head very soon. 3 months is not a cut off but an estimated age to achieve this developmental milestone. Please consult a pediatrician for his detailed developmental examination.


MBBS , MCPS (Peads) | Karachi

Wait for atleast 2-3 weeks more.. is there any history of deleyd cry after birth?? If not then no need to panic.. wait and watch.. it's not hard and fast rule that every child should achieve milestone on time..


Seems normal

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