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My 4 month old baby has started passing stool which smells like spoilt milk This is happening since 5 days She passes stool 3 times daily and on few occassions only 1 time She also throwsup mouthful of water (not saliva) occassionally She is on motherfeed and takes 1 bottle of 3 ounce BF1 from the 1st day What can be the reason?


MBBS,FCPS | Lahore

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A detailed history and physical examination is mandatory before giving any opinion


DHMS, Specialist in Gynecology and Skin Care | Karachi

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ur baby is good n healthy , babies of this age ,through up mouthful of water ,it's natural
if ur baby has watery stool u have to go to her Dr , if she is passes normal it's nothing to worried , just check her formula milk ,n ask to her Dr , may be this is the time to change her formula milk according to her age, secondly make sure her bottle is boiled n germs free ,keep her hands clean , most often babies put their fingers in their mouth because of their teething age.


Hasham Ali Khan

My 2.15 month baby passed grin stool 3 time like motion , he is on formula milk meji fmt