Chest And Cough

My baby is 14 months old, as winter is stared he is getting again and again, having fever flu, cough and his chest sounds again and again from October mid till now he used antibiotics prescribed by the doctors ( augment, evofix etc) antiellergy syrups, and cough syrups, and inocef injection also, I'm so worried for him, today I went to shalimar hospital he has given him RIJIX syrup, for fever febrol, today he has eaten nothing, still doing cough and his chest sound and flu, doctors said he is having allergy problem, please suggest me what could I do? What precautions should I take for him? I'm also having allergy problem, (nasal polyps problem) is it all because of me??


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He needs repeated nebulization. Avoid exposure to dust, perfume, talcum powder, air fresheners, smoke, stuffed toys and pets.