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Asking for Other, Female, 2 years old, Lahore

My daughter is almost 22 months her head shape is slightly different, drs say she has slight dysmorphic features but her milestones are within range, she is now walking without support but still a usually prefers to hold onto things while walking, her behaviour is fine too, responds to everything in short doctors say things seem fine but her features are a little concerning, she has had multiple brain ultrasounds since she was very small and a skull X ray too all are clear, nw drs have asked for an mri, what are the chances that a brain MRI yields issues keeping in mind all her brain ultrasounds n x-rays have always been clear

Pediatrician in Karachi - Dr. Hafsa Ibrahim

Dr. Hafsa Ibrahim - Pediatrician

MBBS, MCPS (Paediatrics) | Karachi


218 Positive Reviews

Mri would yiend more information.so u should go for it and predict any other cause that has been missed. If it's OK. Than share ur child picture and suspe Ted st drone that doctor has mentioned


Post Owner

The Dr hasn't mentioned any suspected syndrome

3 years ago

Pediatrician in Pakpattan - Dr. Abdul Waheed Bhatti

Dr. Abdul Waheed Bhatti - Pediatrician

MD, MCPS (Paediatrics) | Pakpattan

no harm to do MRI.rather I should be helpful.any history of fits or admission in neonatal age ? facial features are very important .any birth marks on body.

Pediatrician in Faisalabad - Dr. Mohammad Fahim Ur Rehman

Dr. Mohammad Fahim Ur Rehman - Pediatrician

MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics), FCPS (Hematology, Oncology) | Faisalabad


45 Positive Reviews

share ur child's picture. MRI is far sensitive than ultrasound


Post Owner

I just did e

3 years ago

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Shahzeb

Dr. Shahzeb - General Practitioner

MBBS | Lahore


121 Positive Reviews

This may be a syndromic child... Plz upload the pic of ur child.

Pediatrician in Layyah - Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan

Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan - Pediatrician



4 Positive Reviews

MRI Brain is the the most useful imaging technique in case of your daughter. She might also need chromosomal analysis and metabolic screening for proper diagnosis. This is important for future pregnancies. The picture you said you loaded is not yet showing.

Pediatrician in Layyah - Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan
Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan - Pediatrician

MBBS, MRCPCH II, MCPS | Layyah | Book Appointment

review-stars 4 Positive Reviews


3 years ago

Attach Photo here:

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