Development Delay


I m worried for my daughter as she didn't speak a single word at the age of 1.5 yrs.just babbled. Later she started some meaning less the doctor asked for hearing test. For which we r still waiting for the appointment. She mostly not make the eye contact. Not she understand competition what I ask Doctor ask us to send her school so she can have a chance to get social contact.because we dnt have friends here. Now I also have a 4 months old daughter is also jealoused of her in a meeting her teacher told us that she didn't make contact with other children. She dnt get atentive when we ask something. But eye contact is getting better day by day.She speaks different words now clearly but dnt understand the meanings.She just explore everything and move forward.plz help me.what should we she a normal child?


Needs to be seen by a Pediatric Neurologist and a Speech therapist to find out the cause of her delay. May need a Child Psychologist too if the other specialists rule out any Neurological disorder and / or Speech disorder

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