ROP Stage V

My son Muhammed Faizan born premature @ 26 week remains in incubator for 45 days eyes were too good at the birth but lator on getting defuse before get blind we reported thrice to pedriatic doctor to check his eyes he said it is okay eyes having no issue weight is less as well as weight will gain it will b okay but one eye got shrink


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ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) is seen in extremely premature babies like yours.

A Paediatrician can not treat it. Please URGENTLY see an Eye specialist who can examine the eyes and start treatment such as laser therapy.

DO NOT delay any further.


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Dr thanks for rep
Delay, it has already been as I mentioned that when he born eyes were too good after two months three months four months we reported to child spelist (as we we're unaware of upcoming situation to get late) but he said to us that eyes are good good no problem
End of fifth month when we approach to rue doctor said now it is too late you people have to visit at least before and within 2 and a half month then we saw to a retinal surgeon but the result was same