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Assalamu alaikum my 3 years old daughter is stretching her legs alot she will move to one side nd keep on stretching ???? its been a mnth she is doing this first i ignore this thought its normal but nw every time she lay down in bed she will keep stretching her legs i asked her many times if there is any pain but she will say no. She doesnt eat any fruit her pedia told me keep offering her fruits but no she will not eat even bnana or any other fruit. She is happy , healthy child no problem except that. Thank you.


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If child is otherwise healthy, then probably simplest answer without examination may be that she is having some muscular aches, stretches. You may start her giving dates and bananas, it might help. If after one week, still complaints are there, please get her x-rays (cautiously.).


I think we should consider UTI and Worm Infestation. Thanks. 



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Get her vitamin d levels


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Thank u for your reply doctors she is healthy MASHA ALLAH.
ACC to her pedia here in manila its her habit of doing this ???? which i dnt think so is corrrect she stretches her leg whole day which mkes us worried should i consult with other dr ?
She doesnt like to eat any fruit even not banana her pedia prescribed her multivitamins yesterday.


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She needs complete physical check up by pediatrician.


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Thank u for your reply.
Her pedia checkd her on monday and said its just her habit of stretching legs. ????

2 years ago


what is her social behaviour during last month. Could be a manifestation of masturbation in a toddler. A Child psychiatrist consultation would be appropriate.

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This sounds very much like "gratification" phenomenon.

It is a behavioural thing in young children and gets better with age.

The fact that she is well in herself is reassuring.

she does not need to see a psychiatrist for this self limiting condition.

2 years ago

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