Asa. I am 26 year old primigravida at 11 weeks gestation.i am having chronic sinusitis since i was 9 or 10years old. Sometimes it aggravates sometimes it doesnt bother me..but now a days weather is changing and i am having conitinuous stuffy nose with almost all day sneezing..i cant lay down due to blockage of nose as it causes difficult breathing even with 2 pillows. I used to take xynosine drops and anti histamine which used to relief me symptomatically but now due to pregnancy i cant take these medicines..kindly suggest me what should i do as its really getting difficult for me to handle. I have tried hot water compresses but they are of no use..thankyou


It would be ideal to visit an ent consultant to see whether you need antibiotics etc to treat ur sinusitis.
however xynosine can be used occasionally in even 1st trimester of pregnancy but dont make it a habit.


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Thankyou very much sir but can you please suggest me some home remedies for relieve until i visit some ent specialist

11 months ago

Dr. Faisal Rafiq

steam inhalation

11 months ago