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I have bad breadth problem breath is so annoying that it now minimizing confidence in me. kindly help

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You need to get yourself check there could be several reasons any gastric problem ,your eatinh habits,your oral hygiene any of this can be a factor for bad breath get yourself examined by a dentist so he can evaluate your situation . In the mean time use mints clean your toounge as well


There are several reasons for bad breath, from heavy plaque and calculus deposits to indigestion and stomach acid regurgitation. A mouth breather can develop bad breath in result of mouth dryness that ends up to heavy plaque deposits. However improper or inadequate brushing is one of the leading causes of bad breath. You need to get yourself evaluated to get the real reason behind your problem.
Please visit a dentist

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Dear patient.
Bad breath is due to the following reason.
1. You have calculus and plaque deposits causing gingivitis i.e. inflammation of gums, hence causing infection and halitosis i.e. bad breath.
2. You can gave some gastrointestinal issue i.e. some stomach related problem.
If your gums bleed on brushing get your scaling and polishing done on earliest.
For the other problem consult a gastroentrologist.
Tooth paste Bennet-Z will be helpful.
For appointments call at 042-32591427, .


bad breath has many causes which include
1. calculus and poor oral hygiene
2. stomach problems like burning and gastric issues
3. bowl syndromes
4. constipation etc
now first of all go to a dentist and do ur scaling,deep scaling or curretage and polishing of ur teeth.
then u should maintain ur oral hygiene. brush twice daily. floss daily before sleep. clean ur tongue with scraper daily in the morning. these are ur routine matters for whole life. use warm saline rinses (if not hypersensative) two times a day. use bannet mouthwash (special for hallitosis) 4 times a day for 15 days. use bannet- z tooth paste for 6 months.
After scaling wait for 15 days. if hallitosis petsist tben u should go to a gastroenterologist for evaluation...


Dear i have answered at the marham forum...


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