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Asking for Self, Female, 23 years old, Rawalpindi

Aoa. I have extremely sensitive teeth I can’t Cold drink water. But nowaday there is a cavity in my molar that too sensitive to anything I eat or drink. I constantly have mild pain/sensitivity in my teeth. Also the teeth looks grey in colour. The x ray is attached below. What to do? The filling will do or RCT?

Member of Marham-Forum

Dear Member,
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Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Taeba Tofique

Hello. The X-ray is not very clear so no diagnosis can be made on the basis of X-ray. But judging by the looks of the cavity, filling might do. But again, no clear diagnosis as X-ray is not clear. For sensitivity, get scaling and poslisinh done. Also use sensodyne toothpaste.

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Hira Zaman

Dr. Hira Zaman - Dentist

BDS, Masters in Endodontics | Lahore


40 Positive Reviews

wslam.your tooth is getting decayed.please visit your nearby dentist or take my appointment via marham and get your treatment done

Dentist in Toba Tek Singh - Dr. Iqra Shahid Gold Medalist

Dr. Iqra Shahid Gold Medalist - Dentist

BDS | Toba Tek Singh


29 Positive Reviews

was..if u have continuous pain in your first molar then go for rct..for senstivity of all teeth if there is plaque then go for scaling and after that follow proper routine of brushing and mouthwash...

Dentist in Islamabad - Dr. Ayesha Khan

Dr. Ayesha Khan - Dentist

BDS , RDS , C-Endo, C-Ortho , C -Implants , C-Clear Aligners ,Certificate In Implantology | Islamabad


739 Positive Reviews

Dear concerned with the picture it seems it will be saved with filling but x ray needs to be done again
without any delay get it done before its confirmed RCT case

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Asma Mumtaz

Dr. Asma Mumtaz - Dentist

BDS , RDS | Lahore


22 Positive Reviews

x-ray is not clear you have to visit dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment no med will work until tha cause is removed so better get youself checked

Dentist in Karachi - Asst. Prof. Dr. Erum Behroz Khan

Asst. Prof. Dr. Erum Behroz Khan - Dentist

BDS, FCPS (Orthodontics) | Karachi


1 Positive Reviews

thorough examination is needed pls visit a consultant endodontist

Dentist in Lahore - Prof. Dr. Faisal Izhar

Prof. Dr. Faisal Izhar - Dentist

BDS | Lahore


4 Positive Reviews


Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Nadeem Chand

Dr. Nadeem Chand - Dentist

BDS, RDS, MCPS (Oral Surgery), FICCDE (Singapore) | Karachi


87 Positive Reviews

if you teeth is v sensitive then it's better to do RCT

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Rumshah Iftikhar

Dr. Rumshah Iftikhar - Dentist

BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) | Lahore

Radiograph is not clear and you need a thorough examination

Dentist in Peshawar - Dr. Yusaf Imran

Dr. Yusaf Imran - Dentist

BDS , MDS (Orthodontics) | Peshawar


65 Positive Reviews

For best treatment plan visit us

Dentist in Peshawar - Prof. Dr. Shakeel Ur Rehman Khattak

Prof. Dr. Shakeel Ur Rehman Khattak - Dentist

BDS, FCPS , Msc | Peshawar


15 Positive Reviews

Dear Aoa.If pain is subsiding immediately after cold stimulus. Most probably tooth might only need filling.  But if pain stays for long root canal treatment  will be needed. X ray not very good quality  so can't  comment on it. I will advise to visit dentist earliest.

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