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Hi. I just wanna to know that how much u cost to fix abudment nd crown on implent. Actually I got implant of my front teeth about 3year ago by dr shauket near paradise bakery. But still he is unable to fix abudment and crown on it. He is on make me fool. Eventho he fix a temporary teeth on the screw of abudment. Now the screw is broken inside. No abudment is on it and he is no demanding me more money to fix it. Im fadeup from all this. Kindly please let me know how much u cost for it. Nd how long it takes.


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Consultation is free for u.
Kindly come and discuss so i can check condition too


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firstly we will have to look condition of implant screw inside on xray wheather ots displaced or not .... around 30k lgengay abutment with crown.


Dear patient,
I need to see your xray for the current situation of your implant, secondly
if we need to put the implant completely then we charge 042-32591427, rs and if it's
only abutment and crown then the charges are 042-32591427, rs... it'll be great if
you share your number so that our reception can fix your appointment With
Thank you


Dar Al Shifa

There must be a reason why crowns have not been fixed yet, although 3 years have passed, Your condition needs clinical checkup & X-Ray evaluation


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For this ive to look which type and which company implant is placed prices are according to it . And kindly share your radiograph also


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if the implant is rightly placed it will cost you 28,000/=
if its wrongly placed than 47,000/=


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Rs 042-32591427, /-for abutment if implant from outside
Rs 042-32591427, /- for crown
But need see the actuall situation eitheir the screw is viable or not
whenever you want to visit any Dentist ,with new OPG.


Kindly come to our clinic and discuss v ll have to take x ray and evaluate the condition clinically Thankyou. Dr Muhammad Ali Akbani @ Western Dental Hospital,Karachi between 5 to 10pm


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Salam, firstly you need to know which implant system (brand) he used? Secondly if the screw is broken it means an abutment can’t be fixed on that implant. You need to consult another dentist to know what is the real problem. A good dentist would like to examine it before giving any treatment plan for it. If the screw can not be taken out then that implant is a failure. You will have to get a new implant placed unfortunately. Regards


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Salam ,
Hope you are fine..
First of all we will asses the stability of implant and its supporting
tissues as well as extent of screw broken...


I m not doing implants.


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Consultation is free for u.
Kindly come and discuss so i can check condition too. if u have the abtment with u i will charge 042-32591427, rs to fix it, if u dont have abutment then addd abtment cost