Midline Diastema R Peridontitis


Few years back the gap widened previously it was but not that much and now the lower skin is visible. What to do? Any toothpaste or something else

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Dr. Nabeel Aslam



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BDS | Rawalpindi

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It looks like recession visit neerby dentist for complete examination or you can consult online through Marham.pk


MBBS, BDS, MSC, RACDS (Sydney), | Islamabad

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kindly book an appointment for expert opinion


BDS, C.Implants, C.Orth. | Lahore

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Aoa. Your gums are in a bad condition resulting in recession of bone. Kindly take appointment through Marham as early as possible to avoid further damage. Regards
Dr Shoaib.


BDS, RDS, MCPS (Oral Surgery), FICCDE (Singapore), C.Implant, C.Ortho. | Karachi

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it look like gum recession. first of all need to find out the cause n then treatment plan. take appointment thru marham


BDS | Rawalpindi

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do you have any medical condition? diabetes or anything?


Post Owner

Nope nothing

3 weeks ago

Dr. Ayesha Ahmed
Dr. Ayesha Ahmed - Dentist

BDS | Rawalpindi | Book Appointment

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do you have sensitivity in teeth?
i would recommend to go for deep scaling...does your gum bleeds?

3 weeks ago


Post Owner

Sometimes bleed once in a blue moon but not that much.
Have done scaling once few months back

3 weeks ago

Dr. Ayesha Ahmed
Dr. Ayesha Ahmed - Dentist

BDS | Rawalpindi | Book Appointment

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You need to visit your nearby dentist...as per me i think you need deep scaling then you can go for grafting...i can tell you the toothpaste n give you some instructions...you can contact me through Marham

3 weeks ago


BDS, RDS | Islamabad

review-img 76 Positive Reviews

Dear patient picture depicts that ur oral health is not v.good
if you had scaling either that wasny good enuf or there is some negligence on your part.
you need expert opinion in order to maintain good oral hygiene
1stly deep scaling is mandatory
2ndly for diastema we need to find the cause
either there is generalised bone loss n recession of gums or mayb some other reason
kindly visit nearest dentist for proper assessment


Dentistry, Masters of Public Health | Karachi

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get ur scaling done. ur hygiene seems to be not v good.then consult some orthodontist if u r 25 yrs old.


BDS, MDS | Lahore

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Aoa this is may be due to bone loss. U need to see doctor asap


BDS, Certificate course in Orthodontics, Certificate Course in Oral Surgery | Karachi

This gap is due malocclusion means your teeth are not proper position you need orthodontics treatment


It seemd like problems is because of perio issue.kindly visit ur near by clinic or book appointent through marham


BDS, C-Implant | Lahore

review-img 15 Positive Reviews

There must be some unlying medical condition if all of the sudden it appeared .
Check first diabetes and Vit D and calcium levels .
Once you get all these tests ..vosit dentist ..
He will curretage it ( deep cleaning of gums) and he will also take an OPG to check the bone loss .
Periodontitis is completely curable .
Just you have to pay serious attention to your dental visit and diastema will be closed by tooth colour laser filling .
Book an appointment ..iam sure you will be satisfied by treatment .

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