Prominent ,big Teeth

i have my upper teeth quite look odd like they are bigger in size ,and much visible on smiling so i need to know is there any kind of procedure to reduce the size and make them less prominent on smiling


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Need to take a picture and then see the size..... and remember any type of treatment can be done


BDS, Implantology | Quetta

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Yes the treatment for this problem is possible but kindly send your pics with open and close mouth ......


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Hi Dr Saad here. I am a restorative dentist who deals with fillings and aesthetic procedures. It would be helpful if you provide a picture of your smile as it is important to know where the anomaly is there could be 2 imp things one either your central incisors are to big or your laterals are to small. either can be treated. cheers.


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It would be best to see a dentist who can decide whether your teeth can be corrected with orthodontics (braces ) or with any restorative procedures.


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Kindly come and discuss so i can check condition.
it need clinical examination and some x-ray then i can tell you according to your condition


Malaika Tanwir

I have gap in my front teeths n I don't want to apply there is any other way to fill that gap??
Kindly reply me...I'm very worried about my teeths.


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The looks of the teeth can be changed either through braces or esthetic restoration of the teeth. both have pros and cons. the choice of treatment is decided by evaluating the situation through examination first.