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Dentist started root canal. It was 3rd visit today. 2nd visit was painful, a medicine was inserted and augmentin dose increased to 1g daily. 3rd visit today was very painful. Again medicine inserted. Today was day 6 of treatment. Is root canal supposed to be so painful? No x ray is done yet. I think it is not going in the right direction. Can someone help?

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Rida Fatima

X-ray is recommended. If your Tooth is painful even after the 6 visit it means it has some remaining pulp left inside or some remaining infection on the teeth. If before the treatment your tooth was painful than it underlines a form of infection and in order for the teeth to be pain free will a while. i would recommend you to get a periapical Xray of the tooth.


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Thànk you Doc. for ur time.
how much painful is the Supposed to be?
It was day 6 and visit number 3.
I have scheduled an appointment for a second opinion, I was more concerned for 2 reasons. 1) my roots r not straight but bent due to braces I used for straightening of teeth. And drilling was done without xray. 2)the assistant of the doctor was least concerned of the pain she was causing and I was not given any information on what is going on.

2 years ago

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