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Talk to Dentist on Swollen Bone Under Wisdom Tooth


Asking for Self, Male, 32 years old, Manchester

I hade 4 unit bridge for one missing third grind Thoth. Crown on the wisdom tooth was a bit high and dentist told me it will auto adjust the bite but it didn’t adjusted. After 5 month I start noticing a lump under wisdom tooth and then it start getting big. After 18 months now it’s a big hard lump feel like extra bone and now I start frlling a little touch of pain in jaw around wisdom tooth. My whole bite have changed and when I bite only 10% of one tooth touch each other no any other tooth touch with each other. When I bite my teeth togather now there is around 1cm gap on grind teeth and 3cm gap on the front teeth. On my bridged wisdom tooth I also feel crown is squzing my tooth.

For sure I know bridge need to be remove.

Can you please tell me how long roughly it will take to get complete bite back and is it possible to remove the bridge and push the lump back.

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Ahad Shabbir

Assalam o alikum.

Thankyou for writing in, it depends on the type of swelling underneath the tooth, if the swelling is bony in nature ie made of bone then it might take a bit more time to resolve. An infection can resolve right after the removal of the irritant.

An Xray can clarify the situation better.
Please visit a dentist and get an xray done as soon as possible

Best regards

Member of Marham-Forum

It seems like you have 2 problems
1 is your Infection
2 Faulty Bite
both are 2 different things need to be addressed separately
you need to see a dentist ASAP coz of your infection rest will take time after redesigning of the prostheses

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