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Talk to Dentist on Teeth Pus Or Infection


Asking for Sister, Female, 31 years old, tarbela

my sister is 6 months pregnant she has pus in her teeth from nose to eye bone her face is swelled n pain is on next level she has taken antibiotics(amoxil ampiclox) n how taking oxidil 500 injections two times a days but pain is there n infection too plz help her to get over from this pain

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Shaharyar Khan

Dr. Shaharyar Khan - Dentist

BDS, MBA (HHCM) | Karachi


5 Positive Reviews

due to pregnancy we have limited options. go to a skilled dentist.. he might open the chamber and will evacuate the pus which will reduce the pain definitely..

Dentist in Quetta - Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim

Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim - Dentist

BDS, Implantology From Korea, Fellowship In Laser Dentistry (PALD), | Quetta


485 Positive Reviews

visit your next Oral n Maxillofacial Surgeon Clinic so that pus be drained on urgent basis n antibiotics be given by the Concerned Surgeon

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Lt Col R Ammad Ahmad Butt

visit ur dentist for proper drainage and treatment. stop taking self medication

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Junaid Altaf

Dr. Junaid Altaf - Dentist

BDS, FCPS (Prosthodontics) | Lahore


8 Positive Reviews

dentogenic infections need intervention plus antibiotics .. dont rely only on antibiotics and consult your dentist for that.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Arfa Saeed

Dr. Arfa Saeed - Dentist

BDS | Karachi


36 Positive Reviews

Assalam u alaikum
she need to visit a dentist urgently. and stop her taking self medicines it's a severe acute infection and pain cannot be relief before drainage of pus . that's y she need to visit a good dentist .who not only drain her pus from infected side plus monitor her properly as she is pregnant she cannot take every Medicine which a normal patient can use ..

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Sobia Bhatti

Dr. Sobia Bhatti - Dentist

BDS, RDS | Karachi


1 Positive Reviews

visit oromaxillofacial surgeon. root treatment+ drainage + antibiotics required.without treatment it cannot be resolve. Stop using medicines. just visit to a good dentist.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Maryam

stop using this self medicine and visit good oral and maxillofacial surgeon for proper evolution because this condition require drainge.

Member of Marham-Forum

a visit to A dentist for exact diagnosis and treatment is mandatory.

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