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I have. been feeling pain in my molar for 3 weeks ,whenever I take tea I feel pain ,I took medicine but could not get relief ..kindly suggest me advice and also medicine as well as.thank you

Dentist in Quetta - Dr. Aymen Sabir
Dr. Aymen Sabir - Dentist

BDS, FCPS Resident in Orthodontic | Quetta

review-stars 24 Positive Reviews

AOA. do you feel pain at night?

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Asma Mumtaz
Dr. Asma Mumtaz - Dentist

BDS | Lahore

review-stars 22 Positive Reviews

you detail examination and Xry is required for proper treatment dont worry

Dentist in Rawalpindi - Dr. Hafsah Saeed
Dr. Hafsah Saeed - Dentist

| BDS | | BDS, RDS, C-Endo, C-Ortho | ( Restorative and Aesthetic Dentist ) | Rawalpindi

review-stars 33 Positive Reviews

i'd suggest visiting a dentist. tooth problems are never solved by medication alone. if you can't visit immediately than go for an online consultation so a detailed history of your case can be taken and an appropriate pain management can be advised.

Dentist in Hyderabad - Dr. Iqra Mughal
Dr. Iqra Mughal - Dentist

BDS | Hyderabad

review-stars 4 Positive Reviews

You can book an appointment through marham for a detailed consultation or I will advise you to visit a nearby dentist and get a proper examination done. Also You should get an Xray done for your tooth. For pain you can take 2Tablets of panadol 3 times a day or as per your need.

Dentist in Peshawar - Dr. Yusaf Imran
Dr. Yusaf Imran - Dentist

BDS , MDS (Orthodontics) | Peshawar

review-stars 27 Positive Reviews

See a dentist as soon as possible

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Saqib Minhas
Dr. Saqib Minhas - Dentist

BDS, MDS | Karachi

review-stars 137 Positive Reviews

Oh! you may visit any good dentist for a checkup. To find out exact cause of pain. In the meanwhile you may use any good sensitivity tooth in the market. Brush for 2 to 3 minutes atleast, wait for 1 minute and then rinse with water. You may apply sensitivity paste around the affected tooth, during 1 minute wait period.
There may be a cavity or gum problem.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Saqib Minhas
Dr. Saqib Minhas - Dentist

BDS, MDS | Karachi | Book Appointment

review-stars 137 Positive Reviews

Sensitivity Tooth Paste*

1 year ago

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Sana Zaib

Kindly visit a hospital or dental clinic for further examination and for selection of appropriate procedure

Dentist in Hyderabad - Dr. Maheen Syed
Dr. Maheen Syed - Dentist

BDS, Certification in Aesthetic and Restorative dentistry | Hyderabad

review-stars 20 Positive Reviews

With out opg we can not evaluate your basic problem, first of all you have to go for your opg then visit your dentist for better consultation.

Dentist in Hyderabad - Dr. Maham Jawaid Syed
Dr. Maham Jawaid Syed - Dentist

BDS, RDS , Aesthetic dentist, C-Endo | Hyderabad

review-stars 31 Positive Reviews

Medicine will not help you - it will only subside pain for few days or for few hours only - you have to treat this tooth visit your nearby dental surgeon and get it treated before it get worse

Dentist in Rawalpindi - Dr. Sarah Hamid
Dr. Sarah Hamid - Dentist

BDS, MSHCM, C-Esthethic&Rotary Endodontics, C-D Implants, C-Fixed Prosthetics | Rawalpindi

X-ray image would show it all, visit nearby dentist

Dentist in Sialkot - Dr. Madeeha Moqaddas
Dr. Madeeha Moqaddas - Dentist

BDS | Sialkot

review-stars 30 Positive Reviews

Visit ur dentist for rct

Dentist in Peshawar - Dr. Yusaf Imran
Dr. Yusaf Imran - Dentist

BDS , MDS (Orthodontics) | Peshawar

review-stars 27 Positive Reviews

Call us or visit us for best treatment plan

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Saqib Kaleem
Dr. Saqib Kaleem - Dentist

BDS, MS (Oral and Maxillofacial) C-Facial Aesthetics, C-Implant, C-Endo | Karachi

review-stars 47 Positive Reviews

you shows signs of pulpitis. either get root canal of that tooth or extract it.
get a detailed check up for maybe a third outcome

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Sana Maqsood
Dr. Sana Maqsood - Dentist

BDS, RDS, MBA (Hospital Management),Certified.(Implant) Certified.(Endo) | Karachi

review-stars 12 Positive Reviews

kindly visit to your nearest dentist
or if you are in Karachi then visit Dental Health Clinic at jail road (Karachi)

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Jawaria Mukhtar Ahmed
Dr. Jawaria Mukhtar Ahmed - Dentist

BDS,RDS,C-implant | Karachi

review-stars 20 Positive Reviews

Assalam o alikum
Sir you are telling signs for pulpitis. kindly visit your nearest details for examination and x-ray. he/ she will let you know the treatment either Root canal therapy or extraction. he/she will prescribe you medicine according to your condition.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Khizra Malik
Dr. Khizra Malik - Dentist

| BDS | | Karachi

review-stars 2 Positive Reviews

Medicines will only provide temporary relief. you need to have the tooth treated soon.
PA radiograph of the tooth is needed and then treatment.

Visit your dentist.
Until then you can have synflex 550 mg for pain (if you're not hypertensive) .

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Sahiwal - Dr. Muhammad Shafique Ashraf

Get a proper treatment by visiting a Dentist/ Maxillofacial Surgeon. As medicines have side effects too if you don't get proper treatment.

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