Wisdom Tooth Pain


i have pain in wisdom tooth for past 4-5 days. it has become severe since yesterday and eating is very difficult (on both sides). today morning i took 400mg brufen. pain was relieved a bit but still i had to struggle while eating lunch. at the moment i have my whole left side in pain including left part of head/eye/ear. please guide me, thanks.


wisdom tooth pain can be corrected symptomatically.

brufen 400 mg for moderate pain is great, supplement it with warm saline rinses and oral hygiene maintenance.
Antibiotic therapy and diagnosis can be reached by radiographic assessment.


Wisdom teeth are considered amongst vestigial organs, like the appendix, tailbone or body hair. All wisdom teeth extractions are prophylactically recommended by the American Dental Association.


Wisdom teeth or third molars are usually advised extraction under the following conditions:
1: when they are hindering your eating
2: when they are not properly erupted in the mouth and result in gum problems
3: when they are infected and have cavity which is beyond simple restoration
4: when they are malaligned and result in cheek or tongue biting

due to any of the above reasons a wisdom tooth usually results in pain, and such pain can radiate to the affected side ear, head or even neck reason under specific circumstances. If wisdom tooth pain is associated with swelling at the angle of the lower jaw bone, or swelling under the chin at any point, due to lymph node swelling, this usually means that the infection has spread to the surrounding areas, and needs to be addressed on urgent basis. Brufin or Ibuprofen is the usual drug of choice in this condition for pain control only, but untill the source of the cause is not eliminated, there still will be pain.
Wisdom teeth are to b

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