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I once got flue and felt lik plugged ears , it was unnoticed until i really felt was having difficulty hearing soft sounds, visited doctor they said it's wax , I got it cleaned, but even then I was having difficulty hearing soft sounds , it has increased with time, I consulted ENT specialist, first they said it's otitis media effusion, but later after complete check up ,they recommended using hearing aid, as I had no apparent signs of infection , prob was in middle ear. Now my prob is, with time it has increased so, I feel like I'm going towards deafness, now I hear blood flowing sound in my right ear at night too , My question is is there any solution.to this ? Any treatment, I want any specialist doctor who could help me with this Thanks in advance

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MBBS , FCPS (ENT) | Lahore

you need assessment of ear, visit ENT specialist.


MBBS, FCPS | Karachi

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Need to see you before deciding treatment. Please get an impedance audiometry and pure tone audiometry done. If in karachi u can book an appointment with me through MARHAM at Medicare hospital


MBBS, FCPS (ENT) | Islamabad

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u need to get hearing tests! then consult Dr. Maisam in karachi



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Get a fresh pure tone audiometry and Tymoanometry done


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Are you available in PNS Shifa Karachi ? Because I previously had my treatment done from there. I want to book an appointment

2 weeks ago


MBBS, PGD (ENT), FCPS (ENT) | Lahore

Flue can lead to Otitis Media with effusion but for diagnosis you need two tests, PTA and Tympanometery.

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