I think i have hemorhoid because feeling some sort of extra skin on right side anal opening. upon constipation feeling buring and pain. no blood. what is recommended for me. what tests should i get for complete examination? is it homorhiod or anything else?


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No definite test for tht, better consult a Gen. Surgeon near u


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Needs examination by a General Surgeon, no specific test is required.


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Hemorrhoids are diagnosed by clinical examination so u have to visit some surgeon who will perform your Anal and rectum examination and then will decide treatment plan
No investigation are useful in diagnosis


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u need examination plz get appointment through marhum.


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You need to be clinically examined,, see a surgeon,
book an appointment


I think you have analysis fissure so I can only diagnose after examination.


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This sounds like a chronic anal fissure, which is basically a "tear" in the
anal skin. You can try 0.2% Glyceryl Trinitrate or 2% Diltiazem cream 3 to
4 times a day for 3 to 4 weeks. You may need to visit a compounding
pharmacy for it. If it does not resolve within that period or of there is
no relief in pain after first few days of use, a small surgical procedure
called lateral internal sphincterotomy, should cure it. You would need to
control your constipation to prevent it from recurring in the future.


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It looks anal fissure


Usmaan Munawar

It’s anal fissure. see a surgeon for examination