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Asslamoalikum this last thursday i had my docters appointment and they check everything baby heart rate and they put me on Non stress test also Alhumdillah everything comes fine as so far iam 33 week pregnant and also dealing with gestational diabetes and iam on insulin so my main question is that i do feel movements but movements are not like as it was before more noticeable iam feeling decrease fetal movement should i have to be worried cz i do felt it but not too much my docter said everything is fine though heart rate and all but iam all day worried about movment whenever i dont feel movement i will be gone on panic and worried mood. Iam soo much worried about movments so what would be movment has to be feel like in these weeks ?? Because before it was more noticeable now its just like something is moving inside lil bit? Like inside tummy feeling .


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waas. perception of fetal movements do change with time.remember baby grows inside the uterus. as months pass, movement becomes less vigorous thn felt previously due to less room to move.
but u r GDM case. risk of sudden fetal loss is high. be watchful of fetalovements, if u feel less do go to ur gyne for CTG and ultrasound for liqour volume


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Ok thanks docter

3 weeks ago

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