I'm currently in my 14th week of pregnancy (3rd pregnancy). I am having bad itching tummy thighs, c sec scar area and breasts, so much that even I woke up at night yesterday. It specially starts in evening n night. Please suggest some remedy as my gynaes appointment isn't available until February first week.


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-wellcome and thanks for preffering Marham for Your health Consultation.
- Dear I can understand your issue u need to have blood tests and for itching u can have calamine lotion at present .
- have liver function tests,bile acids ,complete blood count and urea, electrolyte and creatinine .
- u will need strict check on fetal well being ,baby 's movements ( in future) if it turn out to be obstetrics Cholestasis .
- if this itching more in palms of hands and sole if feet then more likely Cholestasis so keep on check.
-do gave reports and follow .
- have Neem Soap and olive oil massage after warm water bath .
- best of luck.

Dr. Uzma Mohsin
Dr. Uzma Mohsin - Gynecologist

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dear better start Acyclovir 400 mgs three times a day prophylactically .
have strict Check on symmptoms and report .

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