Aoa' i am 30 weeks pregnant and mujy mumps infection huwa ha friday night sa face and neck pr bohat ziada swelling ha. i cant eat anything mun k andr b zuban main bht jaln ha please tell any treatment to this i am taking panadol for pain relief. is there any side effect of mumps infection to baby please reply me .


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- well come and thanks for preffering Marham for your
health Consultation.
- Dear Mumps as such not risky for any Congenital infection but it can trigger Miscarriage in early Pregnancy and preterm labour in late Pregnancy .
-if woman already had vaccination for Mumps then symmotons should be less but if not vaccine ated then more symmptoms could appear like meningitis , encephalitis etc .
- have strict control over symmotoms and baby movements .
- in case of reduced fetal movement u need to have electronic fetal monitoring Graph .l
- in case of pain,bleeding g Immediately report to gynae Emergency to check preterm labour .
- perinatal infections associated with heart conditions ,respratory distress and thrombocytopenia .
- after infection have isolation for 5-6 days from start of symmptoms and people around u if not vaccinated better to have Vaccination.
- imneduately contact to treating Antenatal centre if u feel any pain ,bleeding ,discharge or reduced fetal movements .
- have tab postan 500 8 hrly in case if pain .
- I hope things would be better .
- best of Luck.


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thanks for your answer