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According to my ultrasound report 6.7× 6.5cms myomtrial fibroid along fundo poister uterine wall pushing endometrium anterioty . Both ovaries shows echogenic storma and few immature follices arranged at periphery suggestive of polycystic ovaries. With this ultrosound i got pregent but had a misscarriage of 24 weeks..according to my dr miscarriage was happened because my cervial length was funelling( u shaped) at internal OS remaining cervix was only 1.7cms. according to dr misscarriage was due my cervix not because of fibroid.. she said not a cause of misscarriage.. my according my resarch fibroids are the cause of misscarriages.. plzz tel me did the misscarriage was due to fibroid?? did fibroid caused cevix to reduce?? should i go for surgery??

Gynecologist in Lahore - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shabnam Muhammad Ali

fibroid can cause miscarriage but cervical factor is most likely cause in ur case.get urself examined wd detailed history to assess for surgery.

Gynecologist in Lahore - Dr. Qurat Ul Ain

So sorry for the loss, yes fibroid can be the cause which was pushing uterus anterior, and yes cervical length an be additional cause.

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