Bartholin Cyst

I have Bartholin Cyst,My 7th Month Started , Dr has suggested to remove the cyst as its in large size, Please Suggest Should I do ? What if I don't remove it? Will it effect my delivery ? Size of Cyst has already shrink twice and then came back huge during pregnancy and What is the guarantte if I remove it that it wont come back ? Regards,


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Is the cyst infected? If so, it could be a source of infection and better removed immediately. Even if it is not infected , it may get infected and and if large in size may interfere with normal delivery.
So its better to get it removed. Discuss with doctor the need for steroid cover.


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which medicine have to take during pregnancy for fever and savere pain in all body. my wife feels fever and pain from last night. 7th month of pregnancy.

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No Idea about Infection but yes I feel pain in it from time to time. Okay so is it safe if they give me anesthesia or injection in abdomen ??? How long would be this surgery and also how long do I have to take rest as I am 7th Month Pregnancy ?? Please Guide.

1 year ago