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Somebody has asked me to put her problem here, and ask suggestion from you; Q. She has fibroites in uterus, as it is confirmed in ultrasound and HSG confirms block tubes. Doctors says go to surgery, but it scares her. and she wants alternative solution for this problem. Like, Homoepathic medication. or Herbal (Hakeemi) what do you suggest in this condition.


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This lady should let us about few things before we can go ahead

The shape of the cavity on HSG
The cause of blocked tubes

If there is blockade of tubes on HSG and cavity is also distorted , then its better to go for surgery.

If there is only tubal blockade and the cavity is normal then IVF can be considered.


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I have no idea, about cavity, but i can only send you HSG reoprt here, but dont know how to attach HSG report document here. IVF you meant test tube baby.

Ultrasound Report:
Ultrasound Pelvis
Utrus Length 11.0 cm
A.P 6,8cm
T.S 7,2cm
Right ovary 3.1x2,3cm
Left Ovary 3.4x2,3cm

Scan of the pelvis shows anteverted enlarge and bulky uterus due to fibroid.
Normal in endometrium size 0.7cm.
Single large intramural fibroid about 6.9cmx5.6cm seen arising from the interior wall of the body of uterus. Compressing the endometrium down wards.
Impression: Fibroid Uterus.

Hysterosalpingogram Test Report:
The examination is carried out under sterile condition and under flouroscopy.
Uterine cavity is outlined with contrast medium.
Norrowing cervical canal. Markedly enlarge and bulky uterine cavity noted. small filling defect noted on right side of uterine cavity near cornual end. both fallopian tubes are blocked at their cornual and with no peritoneal spill.

Markedly enlarge and bulky uterine cavity is due to large fibroid.
Small filling defect noted near cornual end of uterine cavity appear air bubble.
narrowing of cervical canal noted.
both fallopian tubes are blocked at their cournual end with no peritoneal spill.
Endovaginal ultrasound suggested.

the are the reports, i had to type it all.

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