Gestation Sac Size 1.19cm In 7th Week

Hi, We have done our first IUI on 1st of November 2017 and wife conceived but seems like Gestational Sac is growing so slow or not growing at all now. it should be our 7th week last saturday as we had an TVS 2 weeks ago and itshowed 5 weeks pregnancy and Gestational Sac size was 1.3cm Now after 2 weeks, last Saturday, we went for TVS again and it showed 5 weeks again with Gestational Sac size 1.19cm and doctor asked to visit in 2 weeks again. please note that there is no sign of any cramps, very little wetness down there, no bleeding or spotting etc. Can you please let me know what could be the possibilities? Any success scenario from here? Appreciate your help.


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there are multiple reasons for this. there might be delayed conception or it might be growth retardation. please follow the advice of your doctor. if you want to know about growth go for serum bhcg and repaeat the same test after three days the value must double in three days


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Is there still any chance of viable and successful pregnancy based on your experiences in these kind of conditions?

Fetal Pole & FCA was not seen till Saturday 16th December.

Just wanted your opinion in this matter.


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This pregnancy may be not good
May be missed abortion
So scan must be repeated and if same findings
The pregnancy may have to b terminated


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Seems to me that’s it’s most likely a failing pregnancy .. on the next repeat scan if the size is still the same then u may hav a missed abortion which requires termination .. unfortunately