Married a few months ago, 40 year old, FSH is 7.1, TSH is 10.7, vitamin D is 9.4 and Serum B12 is 441. Test taken day 3 of the start of the cycle. Does she need to consult any doctor for any fertility advice at this stage as they’re trying to conceive or just wait for some time if these ranges are normal? Husband is similar age. Periods have always been normal and weight is also well within range- 56 kg


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I think she should visit gynecologist . As age advances changes of fertility decreases.she will help her out by natural and medical means to get pregnant earlier


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I am very disappointed on the clinician who even have suggested you to have these tests, the def of infertility is a minimum of 18 months-2 year of period with regular interaction with partner , resulting no conception. I guess there is lot of exploitation of emotion. Yes due to increased age there can be potential risks but certainly if you have been married for few months this is too early to start getting under social pressure to produce a baby. If your periods are regular and your husband is producing sperms its very unlikely there is going to be any major issue.
Dr Kashif I jaz Ahmad
Consultant family physician/Community diabetologist