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I'm experiencing something weird and unusual. I had my last period 2 weeks ago and now since a few days Im feeling some pregnancy symptoms like crampy feeling in my lower abdomen, fatigue, back ache, also experienced some spotting. I took home pregnancy test twice and they were negative. I have an 8 month old daughter and can't even think about getting pregnant so soon ???? Am I really pregnant ? Or it could be something else ? I've googled it and it says it could be 'Pelvic inflammatory disease'


It is very rare to have any pregnancy symptoms as early as 2 weeks after a period. Most probably you are not pregnant. If you continue having pain and spotting you should visit your gynecologist and get an ultrasound of the pelvis done. Sometimes lower abdominal pain around 14th day of cycle is due to ovulation ( the normal release of egg from the ovary) and this pain resolves in a day or two.

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