I had my c saction on kast thrusday bt since two days i feel too much presure in my abdomen and back spcly while passing urain or stool its feel andar ki har cheez bahir a jaye gi plz help k yeh sub kia ha this is my 2nd cesarean 1st main aisa kuch b nai hua tha


It is better that you go to your doctor who did the c section so that she examines you and rule out any serious causes and infection. If you are constipated you should take isphagol and high fiber diet. Also you should try to walk like atleast 15 minutes daily so that there are so that there are no gases accumulating in your abdomen.



Dr sahiba agr genital warts ka problem ho or report mai Squ cell"few"hun to eska kia mtlb hai ?

2 years ago

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