Gyne Issue

i m unmarried. i usually have my periods on 28 day but this tym i had my periods on 33 n i have dry n nrml skin but during the last mnth my skin become too much oily that too mich oil can feel on face?? does i need to do some harmonal test.. 3 months before i have done my fsh LH prolactin n testosterone on 2 day of periodsall r clear .n 1 year bedore i have done my pcos those reports r also clear. i m facing facial hair issue frm 1.5 year n from 6 to 8 mnth facing hairfall issue too my hair texture is becoming too thin n weak.. is i need to done with more test can u plz guide plz.thanks


The symptoms you described can be due to pcos, hypothyroidism or Cushing syndrome. So go for tests Tsh, T3, T4, 24 hours urinary cortisol and CBC. As you mentioned the other hormones were normal 3 months ago but if you are having menstrual irregularities now then repeat those test too.