Irregular Periods

Actually its relatd to mnthly cycle....dat is been disturbd sinc my daughtr's birth (she's 20 mnthx old now)....she took exclusive Breast feed fr around 9 mnthx....n then i switchd her to formula....but mnthly cycl isn't getting bck to track....som times its mor den 35 days....n 1 mnth only 25- 26 days.....initially i ws having 29 days round to clock regular ovulation seems to b regular as i feel fertility signs d nxt week when evr i get periods.....but maybe luteal phase is been wot shud b done? Any thing to worry about? I didn't try any medicn yet....just hom remedies like pine apple, dates milk or coffee.....some times Aspirin too ????


A cycle length anywhere from 21 days to 35 days is considered normal. Sometimes after delivery and when you have exclusively breastfed your baby it becomes irregular and takes a few months to come back to normal. You can get your serum prolactin levels checked on cycle day 2, if it's high it could be a cause of irregular and prolonged cycle.