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My last period date was 23rd Oct 2017. This period was different from my past periods. It started with a brown discharge and on 23rd there was little blood on the tissue and nothing after that. In the meantime before and also at this time there was a pain in my right breast nipple, back and arm. I was not physically active since the past few months and i started working out again on 23rd Sept 2017 so I thought this abnormal behaviour will be due to this sudden change. While my next period date was approaching I started again feeling pain in my right breast and also there was discharge of clear liquid from both of my breast on squeezing. I still feel little pain in my right nipple and the tissues feel thick, but the pain is better than before and I don't feel any wet liquid. I had clear white discharge from my vagina till 24th Nov but no periods. I m still working out and have tried all remedies to induce the late periods but nothing is working. I am 11 days late and not pregnant.


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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I think its usual to have delayed periods whenever u start some workout.

As for breast pain, it sometimes precedes the periods. So don't worry. Let me know if it becomes more uncomfortable.

As for the clear liquid get your Serum prolactin level. It could also be responsible for the delayed periods.


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I am still 13 days late on my periods but still no symptoms. My last period was also hardly anything. I had pain last night again in my right breast but its better now. It comes and goes.

1 year ago

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