I’m going through post partum depression so my gynaecologist gave me seacal once daily tablet cobalmin 3 tabs in 3 times a day and laxotanil 1/2 in evening now I m feeling nauseous don’t want to eat any thing (kuch khana ka dil Nhi karta)but forcefully I ate because I’m a breastfeeding mom too I’m asking why I’m feeling nausea??


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hello there,
if you have PPD then its needs proper treatment.
you should not be taking lexotanil while you are breast feeding.
lack of appetite is part of the depression and nausea can also occur as your blood sugars must be dropping as you are breast feeding and you need energy as well
please see a good psychiatrist as soon as possible for the advice and treatment.
please dont take lexotnail while breast feeding.


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My gynaecologist suggest me but thnx I’m not taking any more