I'm a married woman for 2 yrs having irregular menstrual cycles from the beginning. On U/S my both ovaries were polycystic in appearance and there is a problem with ovulation .I have visited so many gynaecologist they gave me fertility treatment like letrazole and injections of fsh lh and hcg.but after these treatments I didn't conceive.plz rply me


I am so sorry that you are struggling with infertility and have difficulty in conceiving even with treatment. Sometimes pcos is difficult to manage and if your cycles are not regular it means you are not ovulating. The first thing you should try is to lose any extra weight, make a habit of regular exercise and avoid all oily and junk foods. Then you should try to consult an infertility specialist who could decide the best treatment options for you. Praying for you and I hope you are blessed with a healthy baby soon


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Egg production is a prerequisite for conception which probably is not there in your case. You need to change your lifestyle, diet and try preparation like metformin and myo inisotol in your regular routine.
Wishing you luck!!



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Thanks for yr email.
Dear..first get yr pco treated then go fr fertility treatment .u wi
conceive then I.A.
Dr Misbah Malik.
Iqra medical complex.
Johar town

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