how much time should i need to take metformin to treat pcos and how will i get to know that pcos is gone....periods came every month...but my cycle is changing...also have endometriosis problem...before taking metformin my periods came with so much pain....when i start taking the metformin my pain gone....this is third month and time i feel no pain with periods...i want to ask that metformin can treat endometriosis to???


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To be very honest PCOS and Endometriosis can be treated to help the patient in conceiving. So you should concentrate on completing your family.
Metformin, in my opinion has nothing to do with Endometriosis.


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Metformin is not a treatment for endometriosis.. and PCOs is a diagnosis not exactly a disease .. whatever issue u r having has to be addressed separately so u need to continue taking metformin till ur doctor has prescribed u